Property-level flood information

How can homeowners and small businesses persuade insurers to consider all the relevant facts about their flood risk and history?

Does fewer police really mean more crime?

Forces in England and Wales plan a 10% reduction in officers but the impacts are uncertain.

Extreme weather events and corporate responsibility

What is the risk that companies operating in high-carbon industries might in future be held liability for the costs of extreme weather events?

UK tsunami risk

An overview of the evidence.

Theft of non-ferrous metals

The market price of copper presents an economic threat to UK infrastructure.

25 Jul 2011

Does fewer police really mean more crime?

With a savings target of about £1.6bn, police managers are planning a 10% reduction in the number of officers in England and Wales by 2015.  Last week Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) released the first reliable estimate of the effect on individual police forces, along with a research paper (PDF) suggesting tentatively that this reduction could lead to an increase in property crime of around 3%.

4 Jul 2011

UK tsunami risk: an overview of the evidence

Last week an unusual tidal occurrence along the coastline of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Hampshire prompted interest and discussion in the media.  Tidal gauges from Cornwall to Hampshire recorded a 2ft-high column of water moving from west to east, and some witnesses reported a strong static charge in the air.  In the Yealm estuary near Plymouth water surged at four times the normal speed, as shown in the video below.