Property-level flood information

How can homeowners and small businesses persuade insurers to consider all the relevant facts about their flood risk and history?

Does fewer police really mean more crime?

Forces in England and Wales plan a 10% reduction in officers but the impacts are uncertain.

Extreme weather events and corporate responsibility

What is the risk that companies operating in high-carbon industries might in future be held liability for the costs of extreme weather events?

UK tsunami risk

An overview of the evidence.

Theft of non-ferrous metals

The market price of copper presents an economic threat to UK infrastructure.

27 Jan 2012

The ABI's Bold New Paradigm for Flood Insurance: A "Free Market With a Support Model Financed Through General Taxation"

So yesterday Otto Thoresen, the new Director General of the Association of British Insurers (ABI), gave a speech at the Insurance Institute of London in which he set out five key priorities for UK insurers in 2012.

First on the list was flooding, "the biggest catastrophic risk facing the UK".

24 Jan 2012

Reservoir Inundation Maps: National Security vs Public Information

Yesterday the British Dam Society held an evening meeting on Reservoir Risk Classification. The BDS is a member organisation mainly for engineers who inspect or work on dams and reservoirs, but to their great credit they stream their meetings online and provide open access to non-members.

4 Jan 2012

Free our (flood) data

Summary:  Recent open data initiatives in the UK have focused on the four largest Government trading funds that manage the nation's 'information infrastructure'. However in this article I make an argument for releasing the Environment Agency's flood data assets as open data, in order to support wider re-use of flood information in the insurance industry as well as better public understanding of flood risk and flood protection.